Become a lean, green, sustainable machine.
Let data drive your sustainability.

Canary is your all-in-one data-driven platform for sustainability, operations, management & reporting. Our scalable, modular Software-as-a-Service solutions & tools support and accelerate your sustainable business transition.

Your operational data is converted into clear, real-time insights. Your sustainability reports become fully compliant with all mandatory international reporting standards. Your success is assured through real-time dashboards, automated process optimization, and built-in compatibility with your existing systems and data sources.

Canary helps you pave the path for your long-term sustainability strategy and objectives with straightforward, actionable plans.

unleash the canary

Canary will continuously monitor, track, optimize and report your environmental and social impacts, so you can make decisions based on accurate, real-time information.

Feed your data into our all-in-one platform and let it drive your organization’s sustainable and operational performance. With Canary you quickly and effortlessly achieve your goals, execute your plan of action and keep your sustainable transition on track.


Canary’s solutions

Data-driven sustainability
works on every level

Data-driven sustainability works on every level
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All in one canary

Capturing data, enriching it, automation, reporting, monitoring… There are apps for that. But only Canary gives you all of these features in one interconnected platform. It will do all this and more, so you can enjoy the helicopter view and you get the tools to take charge.

Capturing data, enriching it, automation, reporting, monitoring…
Real-time data

That also includes environmental, financial and HR. If it can be expressed in binary, Canary can use it.

Enriched data

Make it meaningful: add location, time, context… Anything to help you categorize, prioritize and see the hidden connections and causations.


Share your (sustainability) performance with stakeholders big and small, internal and external. In any and all compliance frameworks (GRI, SDG…) they desire.

Prevent greenwashing

If it comes to you through Canary, it is data as measured. Unchanged, untampered, unwashed.

Automated actions

No worries. If anything happens, Canary will alert you or automatically take the appropriate action, predetermined using simple logic rules.

Low code environment

Getting started and daily management are easy. What else can we say?

“Warehouse tenants are looking for sustainable logistic solutions: optimal working and storage conditions with minimal environmental impacts.
With the Heylen Warehouses Building Technologies 21 solution, powered by the Canary platform, we fulfilled our customers’ needs better and faster than we planned.”

Philippe Deschilder, CEO Heylen Warehouses

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