Whose canary is this?

Canary is a Belgium-based company and the brainchild of founders Pieter Feys and Carl Seys. Their respective backgrounds in building automation and the automotive retail and service sector made them notice that many companies were struggling to reach their operational goals and sustainable targets, often because of limitations in their data infrastructure.

In most of these companies the knowledge and the potential for automation and optimization were there. But since they used a multitude of systems, databases and processes that could not communicate with each other, no one had a complete and detailed overview. This often led to frustrating discussions about the best way to tackle a challenge.

The missing link was a powerful and flexible data platform that could tie everything together: data from any user, department or location, at any given moment in time. A tool to gather and analyze data, to monitor and automate processes and to provide transparency. All in one easy to use package for any type of business or organization. Thus was hatched Canary.

A canary with a vision

We believe that the environment and society deserve businesses that have positive impact, create value that goes beyond their economic profit, and eliminate greenwashing by making true, data-driven transparency a standard.

Our mission

We help businesses make measurable progress across all value dimensions (economic, social and environmental) and make their impacts accessible to society using our cutting-edge data platform. Because it is just as true for one company as it is for our world: you need to become lean and green to be a sustainable machine.

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