Getting started

So… Canary will turn me into that lean, green, sustainable machine I’ve been hearing about. Isn’t that a lot of work? Where do I even begin? Will it be expensive?

Don’t panic.
We’ve got this covered.
We can take this
step by step.

You are interested in data-driven sustainability? Just give us a call. We’ll talk. You can show us what you do and we will show you where Canary fits into your business.

We can start small if you like. Things like your energy meters and energy contracts are really easy to hook up. Want to add your vehicle fleet? Easy. The first insights into your CO2 emissions and GHG reporting will be available in very little time. You can familiarize yourself with the platform and see the first benefits. ‘GHG Scope 1 – 2 – 3’ you’ve heard about, but how to tackle this for your company? You get it done quickly and effortlessly.

If you have the data, you can use it. Even if you’re not gathering much data yet, we help you get started. Because your data-driven sustainability is our drive.

Who we gonna call?

At some point you’ll want to get into the good stuff. Process optimization, automation, making some serious progress towards sustainability goals… Right away or after some acclimatizing, that doesn’t matter. This might take some more advanced technical skills. Maybe you want someone to advise you on what data-driven means for your business or sustainability strategy. No problem. Our extensive network of competent professionals is expanded regularly. If you prefer bringing in your own consultants or technicians, we are always happy to meet new people.

Ka - don’t wait for it - ching!

Setting up Canary isn’t a particularly long and arduous process. We’ll have it up and running in no time and you can start reaping the benefits right away. Managing your platform on a daily basis doesn’t require any special coding or IT skills. We will make sure you’ve mastered your Canary and then the sky is not the limit. It’s your playground.

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