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Measure, analyze and reduce your carbon footprint with end-to-end automation.

  • Calculate Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions with full traceability
  • Identify emissions hotspots and define action plans
  • Real-time emission monitoring and progress tracking
  • Automated reporting in multiple frameworks, incl. GHG Protocol

Companies increase efficiency by up to 90% with automated carbon accounting and GHG emissions reporting with Canary. You can too.

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How to monitor
GHG Emissions

If the thought of monitoring, converting and reporting your GHG emissions has you worried, there’s no need to panic. Canary’s got you covered.

For decades, canaries were used to alert miners to dangerous gases as they worked deep underground and we’re bringing the tradition up to date for a digital era. Take a look at our step-by-step guide and discover how Canary helps you to monitor, manage, report and reduce your company’s GHG emissions…

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Understanding Your Company’s
GHG Emissions

Before you can calculate your company’s GHG emissions, you need to know the answer to two questions:

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Now you know what to measure and which metrics matter, you can begin tracking, analyzing and reporting your GHG emissions, as well as reducing your carbon footprint and optimizing in-house processes.


GHG Data Collection & Monitoring Software

GHG emissions come from all sorts of places, so Canary takes a bird’s eye view of your business and captures all relevant data from a variety of sources. With CATCH gateways to collect data from SMART devices, automated data transmission via APIs and ETLs and seamless software integrations, as well as manual input options, Canary captures Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions data to give you a complete and comprehensive view of your carbon footprint. Canary’s emissions management software gives you access to custom dashboards and real-time analysis, so you can access the data you need in any format, at any time.


GHG Emissions Calculator

Once Canary has collected your emissions data, it’s time to put it into context.

To meet regulatory GHG reporting requirements, emissions need to be expressed in ‘carbon dioxide equivalent’. If you don’t know your kWh from your passenger fuel burn or your tank-to-wheel CO2 from your heat calories, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, Canary’s greenhouse gas calculator is on hand to convert data into CO2e and display your emissions in a single, easy-to-understand GHG measurement.


Real-Time Emissions Monitoring and Alerts

Get real-time emissions alerts and respond to GHG output anomalies instantly.

Just like in the mines, Canary is on hand to alert you to rising emissions levels. With real-time GHG monitoring, Canary alerts you to unexpected emissions increases and allows you to take immediate action. Want to take things a step further with automation? Give Canary the go ahead to intervene in processes and avoid excess emissions.


Performance Optimization and Cost Reduction

Turn a regulatory burden into a growth opportunity with Canary.

The data, insights and analytics Canary generates gives you all the information you need to set meaningful, achievable and actionable carbon reduction goals.

Canary identifies emissions hotspots and conducts company-wide analysis to determine where you can make the biggest environmental and costs savings in the fastest time. Aligning your carbon reduction plan with your company’s overarching sustainability strategy, Canary’s GHG reduction calculator even tells you if you’re on track to reach your goals.


GHG Emissions Reporting

Greenhouse gas reporting is a top priority for today’s businesses. Whether you’re subject to mandatory emissions reporting, under pressure from investors or you simply want to showcase your sustainability efforts and progress, Canary’s GHG reporting tools make it easy to create accurate, auditable GHG emissions reports.

Canary automates your carbon reporting and helps you achieve regulatory compliance quickly and easily. Meet reporting standards or transmit data into any other framework with our GHG reporting tools..

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If you want to transform your company into a lean, green sustainability machine or you’re eager to comply with the upcoming CSRD, Canary provides all the help you need. Our all-in-one GHG emissions software makes it easy to track, measure, report and reduce your outputs to enhance sustainability, optimize in-house processes and meet your regulatory obligations.

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