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Just feed Canary the data and out come the benefits: monitoring, automation, optimization, reporting... It may seem like a lot of functionality and flexibility for one single tool. But look closer and you will see how tried and tested ideas blend together into a platform that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Data Gathering

1. Data gathering

When we say: ‘any kind of data’, we mean it. Operational measurements, financial records, hours of training completed, consumptions or emissions… If it can be expressed in numbers, letters or binary, Canary can handle it.

Smart devices can connect directly through our CATCH gateways for real-time monitoring. Are your departments still using Excel spreadsheets for data collection, quick checks or distribution? Release them from those tasks: our software will import the information automatically, as often as you like, and from any platform or device.

Data Enrichment

2. Data enrichment

Context is everything. And you can have it all. Location, time, category, corresponding SDG… Add any and all information you like to a datapoint to make it more meaningful. Canary knows where every bit of information comes from and how that fits into the bigger picture. Your data is now enriched and ready for action.

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Monitor - Alert - Respond

3. Monitor - Alert - Respond

Obviously we’ve got the basics covered, with a twist. All the enriched data that flows into Canary, comes right back out in the form of real-time dashboards, tailored to your operations. That’s dashboards, plural, because you can have several different ones to share the necessary information with the right people. The right data at the right time for the right people: that’s Canary in a nutshell.

The added tags and other contextual data allows for alerts and automation of your processes, using simple logic rules. No actual coding required from your part. Here’s the twist: because Canary combines data from anywhere about anything, you could have some truly radical automation.

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4. Reporting

You face ever more demands, often even obligations, to provide transparent reporting on everything from your finances to your sustainability efforts. We know and we’ve got your back. The Canary platform collects exactly the kind of data you report on, both internally and to governments and stakeholders. And at the press of a button, Canary shows you what those numbers mean in terms of your impact. Operations used X kWh today? Well, that comes to Y kg of CO2 (per unit of your choice), accounting for your energy mix. Same basic idea for water, waste and resources.

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