Canary selected for PropTech's Resilient Cities Accelerator Program

We’re thrilled to announce that Canary has been selected as one of only 10 startups to be part of the first ever Resilient Cities Accelerator Program – and it’s already off to a great start!

Launched by Revive and PropTechLab, the Resilient Cities Accelerator Program (RecAp) brings startups and corporations from across the Real Estate, PropTech and Innovation sectors together to help create livable, lovable, climate-friendly cities.

We’ll be working alongside leading brands, including renewable energy company, Eneco, and construction partners, Vandenbussche, and fellow startups to showcase how smart, resilient cities can help to achieve global sustainability goals and highlight the role Canary can play. 

Canary is one of 10 startups taking part in RecAp’s first launch


Building a Sustainable Future – RecAp Kicks-off

Just last week, we attended a two-day kick-off event in Ghent to officially get the Program underway. With group sessions, 1:1 talks and shared insights, it was a fantastic opportunity to explore the future of the Real Estate industry and examine how enterprises approach their ESG obligations and opportunities. 

Canary’s Co-Founder Carl Seys addresses RecAp participants


“We were delighted to be chosen as one of RecAp’s first cohorts and are eager to play a role in building cities of the future. We’re confident that Canary’s data-driven approach to ESG can accelerate the sectors’ sustainable transition and are excited to collaborate with the RecAp team, partners and participants to make resilient cities a reality.” Carl Seys, Co-Founder of Canary


How Can Canary Help Create Sustainable Cities?

The Construction and Real Estate sectors account for a significant proportion of global CO2 emissions, which is why it’s so important to implement effective strategies to increase sustainability throughout these industries. 

Data-driven ESG & GHG management from Canary empowers Real Estate developers, owners and managers to become more sustainable via multiple features and functionalities, including:


Data Gathering, Monitoring and Reporting

Canary’s approach to ESG management allows property owners, developers and managers to consolidate critical operational data and generate the insights needed to increase energy efficiency.

From single buildings to entire portfolios, Canary’s capabilities ensure multiple assets can be managed via a single, easy-to-use platform.

As well as seamless data gathering and customized analytics, Canary automates ESG & GHG reporting to enable organizations to monitor their environmental impact and comply with regulations, such as the upcoming CSRD.


Process Optimization, Emissions Reductions and Increased Efficiency

Tracking, analyzing and reporting sustainability data is just the first step in the process to creating sustainable cities. After all, you don’t become more sustainable by compiling reports! However, Canary’s data-driven approach puts organizational information into context and provides actionable insights to fuel meaningful sustainability strategies.

With features such as real-time alerts, automated process optimization and emissions hotspots identification, Canary gives users the tools they need to increase energy efficiency, cut operating costs and reduce carbon footprints.

How to get a grip on greenhouse gases?  Download free whitepaper here!

This enables property owners, investors, developers and managers to leverage the true potential of their buildings and infrastructure. Realizing both the enhanced environmental and operational benefits via Canary’s ESG data management functions, cities can become smarter, more sustainable and more lucrative. 


Creating Sustainable Cities with RecAp

As climate change awareness grows and net-zero targets get closer, swift action is needed to ensure the Construction and Real Estate industries can deliver sustainable buildings and developments. While Canary can easily be ‘retrofitted’ to provide seamless functionality across existing real estate assets, incorporating our software into new-build developments and smart cities makes it possible to integrate enhanced energy efficiency into global infrastructure and accelerate the sustainable transition.

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