A different
kind of Canary

Data-driven, automation… You’ve heard that before, right? So what makes Canary different?

Well, our platform brings together three main features that are quite powerful on their own. By these powers combined, it is a performance and sustainability powerhouse.

Rich, real-time data
of all kinds


It doesn’t matter what your information looks like or where it comes from. If it can be measured, you can make Canary gather it automatically and instantaneously. For Canary data is data.

But not just data. Canary adds all the tags, labels, locations and explanations that are useful to you and creates meaningful links across your entire organization and beyond.

Canary collects your data and immediately combines it into a broad helicopter view of your operations. Then hands you a pair of binoculars, so no detail goes unnoticed. You now have an always up to date insight into your environmental, social, HR and financial processes.

  • Any kind of data: assets, people, vehicles, finance…
  • Enriched with relevant context
  • Real-time helicopter view
  • Analysis and audit ready
  • Data ownership

Smart, interconnected automation

Connecting real-time, enriched data from all over your organization opens up a world of new possibilities. Light still on while the office is closed? Canary turns it off. Is Purchasing ordering extra deliveries while half the warehouse staff is on holidays? Canary will give HR the heads-up. No worries.

You can set your own alerts and create automated responses using simple, logic rules. Then watch closely as Canary shows you what the effects of your interventions are, even in departments you didn’t expect there to be an effect.

  • Create your own alerts and automation
  • Across different departments
  • No coding skills required
  • Easy to use management system
  • Prevent greenwashing
  • Retain absolute control over your data and security
  • Automated reporting in all common frameworks
  • Easily convert measurements into derived values

Custom dashboards and transparent reporting

As we say here at Canary: talk is tsjeep, but the numbers don’t lie. And that is exactly what you get with Canary: the data, as measured. Your real performance, with a track record, without spin. And that data stays yours. We do not collect it, host it or lock it away behind any kind of paywall.

Thanks to the tags and labels, you can easily create custom dashboards to share data throughout every level of your organization as well as with external stakeholders. You are always in control of what any given party can see and operational access is strictly separate from externally shared data. This allows you to reap the benefits of transparent reporting, without sacrificing security in any way.

When it comes time for reporting, you can rest easy. Canary can turn ‘kWh’ into ‘kg of CO2’ and assign the right SDG’s automatically, because that is what enriched data can do. Reporting then becomes a highly automated process based on information that can be easily audited. This means that information supplied by Canary is trustworthy and your stakeholders will know that too. To top it off, Canary can create reports in all the usual frameworks: from GRI to ESG or something else entirely.

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