What’s in
Canary for you?

Whether you are on the work floor, running things at peak efficiency, or at the wheel, navigating your business toward success, it helps to have Canary on your shoulder.

Sustainability &
process optimization

You want to run things as efficiently as possible. But that means keeping track of a bazillion little processes, interactions and interdependencies. What about inventory, storage, temperature, logistics, water, energy…? When anything goes wrong, it’s you that needs to know right away and respond immediately. Meanwhile, they expect you to optimize continuously and keep everyone motivated.

How do you keep a clear head and a keen insight every minute of every day? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some kind of… digital assistant, so you can focus on what really matters? Well… Canary to the rescue!


receive-alerts-enjoy-automation Receive alerts, enjoy automation

Canary will track just about anything for you. CATCH gateways or API’s automatically collect data from any kind of sensor or server. You get real-time dashboards, tailormade to users from every level of your organization and beyond. If something’s amiss or something violates a threshold or goal, you will know it as it happens. Even if you are not looking. Thanks to alerts you can set for every kind of data

You can also use simple logic rules to create an automated response. Canary will shut down the machine before the chain reaction starts or turn off the water before the leak floods the basement and ruins your water saving goals. All the while you can relax, kick off your shoes, put your feet up. Lean back and just enjoy the automation.

optimize-your-processes Optimize your processes

So monitoring, alerts, automation… That’s a nice start, but we can do more. With Canary you get a clear picture of your main cost drivers, your inefficiencies and bottlenecks. You are now looking at the whole process from up high and you just happen to be holding the ideal tools for process optimization.

And smooth processes won’t just drive down your costs: they will also save on resources, waste and energy and reduce people’s stress levels, thus boosting employee happiness. Turning your operation into that lean, green, sustainable machine you’ve been hearing so much about.

save-time-and-costs Save time and costs

What is your most bitter cost? Fleet vehicles standing unused in the parking lot for hours at a time? Having to throw out spoiled goods because someone left the refrigerator door open? Paying fines because your emissions exceeded the limit? Or finding out late that you could have been doing things much more efficiently all along? If only you’d had a little bird warn you in time… Right?

engage Engage

One more neat little trick we’d like to share here. Did you catch that part about the custom dashboards? With those you can compartmentalize and share relevant information with employees and other stakeholders. They then have real-time access to a transparent and unedited stream of data and can keep track of processes, (sustainability) performance, targets and more. Various departments can share their achievements and inspire each other. That’s how you build a level of trust and engagement that a monthly newsletter can only aspire to.

Sustainability & management insights

You have to make tough decisions and then show it was the right call. How do you set the course for sustainable high performance and where do you get the arguments to back it up? Sure, there are piles of data and you can spend your money on reports that arrive a day late and a dollar (your dollar) short. You need to see how things really work.

What happens when you pull on one thread as opposed to another? When is a target an achievable motivator and when is it a demoralizing mountain to climb? How long before you notice things aren’t going as planned and you’re on track to miss your sustainability targets? Who is going to tell you what you need to know?


data-driven-decisions Succeed with data-driven decisions

When it comes to information management, Canary is a vicious predator. It looks to feast upon your multitudes of data, some of which you didn’t even realize you had. In return Canary takes you above the noise, to grant you the helicopter view. From there you can take control of real-time data enriched with all kinds of contextual information to make connections, hunt for opportunities and uncover hidden risks. This is what data-driven decision-making truly looks like.

risk-management-opportunity-detection Elevate your risk management & opportunity detection

By connecting all this real-time, enriched data, the Canary platform functions like a spider’s web. If something or someone impacts one thread in your organization, Canary will show you the ripple effects wherever they lead. What does that mean exactly?

Climate change may impact your supply of process water. When does it become cost-effective to install your own closed-loop purification? How will that effect your energy consumption at varying levels of production? Does that change much if you add on a biogas reactor to produce electricity, or heat, or both? Okay, now calculate the impact of self-driving vehicles on your business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a data platform that can keep track of all these possible effects and connections?

report-in-any-framework Report in any framework

Canary is particularly well-equipped to sink its beak into your impact. Feed it sufficient data from your operations and it will readily calculate the use of resources, the energy expenditure and the emissions associated with it. To insert that information into any common reporting framework, just select GRI, GHG, FSRD… and presto! You can use that same functionality to create real-time benchmarks that compare your performance with that of other departments or branches.

inspire Inspire

There is one thing that is more important than good software to run your business. That would be good people. How do you find good people? Don’t. Have them find you. Credible sustainable credentials are among the most sought after features in new employers. Canary is explicitly set up so you can be transparent about your operations and sustainability. That’s transparency, not messaging. Canary’s data is real and ready for audit and your audience will know that too.

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