General policy on data processing, privacy and the use of the website


CANARY (hereafter sometimes also referred to as the “COMPANY” or “we”) attaches great importance to creating a clear, understandable and friendly environment for its clientele and the visitors of its website. 

CANARY also takes your data processing-related rights and your privacy seriously. In this document, Canary explains how it collects, processes and uses your personal data. It constitutes the general policy of Canary in the area of data processing. 

For questions about this statement and our general policy you can always contact For questions going beyond a mere request for information we may ask that you identify yourself, so that we can be certain that we are providing the requested information and data to the right person.


The website seeks to make you familiar with the products (in the broadest sense of the term, including the provision of services) that we offer. 

The data on this website are prepared as carefully, understandably and completely as possible, on the basis of our present knowledge. Nevertheless, despite our efforts, it can happen that the information is no longer complete, correct, precise or up to date.

This website gives general information, unless expressly mentioned otherwise. In order to obtain specific or personal advice, you should contact us via the above-mentioned e-mail address. 

CANARY cannot guarantee that its website will never be interrupted or affected by other technical problems.

CANARY cannot be held liable for direct or indirect harm arising from the use of the website or the information furnished on or via the website. This applies without any limitation.


Who processes your data?

The controller is Canary bv, Cauwerburg 22, 9140 TEMSE, BELGIUM, VAT number BE 0726.983.524.

We always process the data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable laws. 

When and for what purposes does Canary collect and process data?

Canary collects and processes data on you when you as a customer call upon us for our services (the collection, processing, analysis, schematisation, visualisation of data; the reporting of findings; the recommendation of improvements, adaptations, initiatives; the offering of goods that can be useful for the above services, etc.) or if you contact us in some other way. We summarise these activities under the denominator “customer relations management” and they concern in particular the execution of the projects and/or services about which we have an agreement with you.  

If collected data that might contain personal information are used in order to improve the services or for comparison with other data (even from third parties) for analytical purposes, such personal data will always be sufficiently anonymised so that they cannot be linked to one or more persons. 

If you are a supplier, we process your data or those of your contact persons within the framework of the delivery of products or services, for the generic purpose of “supplier administration”. In that case it is also possible that, should this be necessary, we will include your data in our internal planning, together with the data of our own employees.

Furthermore, we process your data, as customer or as supplier, in the preparation of invoices and other accounting documents. This constitutes the “accounting” purpose. 

In some cases we also process your data, as a prospect, i.e. a person who does not yet have any contact or contract with us, with the intention of presenting our services to you (direct marketing).

In so doing we can also contact you in order to provide you with information about the products and services that are offered by other companies of the group to which Canary belongs (if applicable) and of which an overview can be obtained upon request via If you do not wish such information, Canary will discontinue it at first request. 

Finally, it may be that we process data on you because that is or can be important for our activities, for example in order to be able to call on your advice or services. We describe these activities as "communication" or "public relations".

What data does Canary collect and process?

1) Firstly, this concerns the data that you communicate to us and which we need for the implementation of the project/services/orders for which you called upon us, such as your name, address, e-mail address and professional details, such as company name and VAT number, and all other data in that respect. Generally you pass these data on to us directly, but it is also possible that we will obtain these data from other parties with whom you collaborate and who are authorised to turn such data over to us. The data can also relate to any plans for future services or an expansion of the existing ones.

The above data thus concern the ´ordinary personal data´. Special personal data such as (amongst others) ethnic origin, religious/political/philosophical convictions, sexual preferences, genetic data, etc. (in short, ‘sensitive personal information’) are in principle not processed by us unless this should be important in some way for our assignment and it is allowed by the General Data Processing Regulation or other relevant legislation. In such a case we take all necessary measures in order to process the sensitive personal data only when it is absolutely necessary and to protect them as well as possible in accordance with the applicable laws.  We never process personal data relating to criminal offences. 

In the event of refusal to provide certain data that are absolutely necessary in order to perform the services, you must also take into account that under this condition we might be unable to fulfil our contractual obligations. Canary will refuse any contractual liability on this basis. 

2) In addition, we also require certain personal data in order to create an account such as an e-mail address, the names and positions of the persons authorised to work with that account. Personal data can also be processed for certain registrations. 

3) Canary is a data processing company. In principle, the data processing focuses not on personal data but rather on qualitative and quantitative data that relate to (material) business operations. If for this purpose personal data should nevertheless be necessary, such as identification of employees from a company, their place of employment, their work-related activities, working times and hours, etc., then these personal data will also be processed in so far as this is necessary or is purely a consequence of the assignment that we are carrying out. 

4) We can process certain data of suppliers in order to be able to coherently and correctly prepare our own planning. In this case it involves the availability and presence, as well as the type of services or products that would be purchased. 

5) We process financial data within the framework of the accounting.

6) Data on your position and activities are processed within the framework of communication or public relations.

7) Payment data can also be kept by Canary. 

8) Finally, we collect information about the use of our (online) products. We do this solely in order to be able to improve our services. 

How does Canary collect your data?

We collect your data when you complete (paper or electronic) forms for this purpose. Sometimes this takes place via a conversation, telephone contact or e-mail exchange.

Normally we obtain these data directly from you. Sometimes it can also happen that we obtain them indirectly. For example, with direct marketing it happens that we obtain your data from third parties. We will then communicate to you where we got your data.

Moreover, if you visit our website or our online platforms, we make use of cookies about which you can learn more in our cookie policy. We do this in particular in order to tailor this website’s content and user-friendliness as far as possible to you as a user of the website. In addition, we process your data so as to meet the obligations deriving from the provision of a website and the content thereof and to enable you to make use of the interactive applications and services on this website.      

We ensure that the personal data are carefully protected, stored and transported. 

What are the bases for the processing of data by Canary?

In principle we collect and process your data on the basis of the contractual relationship that we have with you as a result of your order and the contract that we conclude with you. That is also the basis for the processing of data about suppliers and for the “accounting” processing.

Where the processing is not necessary in order to fulfil the contractual relationship, such as for direct marketing and communication/public relations, it is based on our legitimate interests as a company, in particular freedom of enterprise and information. In so doing we always ensure that there is an equilibrium between our interests and yours, for example by granting you a right to object.

How long do we retain your personal data?

According to the general rule, we may only retain your personal data during the period in which they are necessary in order to provide certain services. We thus retain your data for as long as you make use of our services. After that, we continue to retain your data during the period in which we must be able to justify ourselves for the provided services. After that the data are removed, unless they are of historical, cultural or general interest. 

Are the data communicated to third parties?

Your data are primarily processed internally within the framework of customer relations management, supplier management, planning, accounting and communication/public relations by the department/manager that assumes responsibility for these activities. They can be passed on for certain isolated services or assignments to processors that we call upon, albeit always under our control.

Unless you object, they can also be shared with the other companies of the group to which Canary belongs.

Sometimes we are required to pass on data about you. That is in particular the case when we are obliged to do so by law or when government authorities that are competent to do so request data from us. In that case, we first verify whether the conditions for requesting such data are met. 

In principle, your data are not passed on to third countries or international organisations. This might occur within the framework of contracts for cloud services that we conclude. Then your data are possibly stored on servers in third countries to which in principle we alone have access. In that case, we ensure that the provider of these services is established in a third country with an adequate level of protection, or that an agreement is concluded with this provider for the protection of your rights.

Your rights

You can always access the data about you that we process and, if necessary, have them corrected or deleted. For this it suffices to submit a request to with a proof of your identity. We ask for this so as to prevent your data from being communicated to someone who is not entitled to them.    

If we process your data for direct marketing purposes, you can object to this at any time simply by contacting

If your data are communicated to other companies of the group to which Canary belongs, you can also object to this via the same e-mail address.

You have at all times the right to withdraw an implicit or explicit consent concerning the processing of your data, with it being understood that this does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was performed on the basis of the consent prior to its withdrawal;

If you do not have an e-mail address, you can write to us at our address: Cauwerburg 22, 9140 Temse, Belgium. 

If you do not agree with the way Canary is processing your data, you can always file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority (, Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels.