Why data-driven sustainability?

Sustainable success is the result of solid, real-time data and good old-fashioned know-how working together.

After all, you know your business and you have built up a lot of hard-earned expertise. Taking the data-driven approach to sustainability is not about replacing those valuable assets. It is supercharging your capabilities with accurate information. It is making decisions based on solid facts and real data, not just opinions and intuition. And it is giving ownership to your stakeholders through transparency and dialogue in your sustainability plans and projects.

Let’s look at a few good reasons to be data-driven, shall we?


Bye bye bias

1. Rely on real-time data

Every one of us suffers from bias. We inherently like things that are similar to us, think our experience represents the norm, cling to our existing beliefs… It’s hard to beat bias because we use it everyday to make sense of our complex world. But when it comes to your business, bias can be disastrous. Just ask Kodak.

But there is a way to insulate yourself from bias: relying on solid facts and real data, from accurate and reliable sources.

Make it manageable

2. Make it manageable

Working with real, factual data allows you to measure, look back, compare, look for trends, simulate… That in turn helps you to set achievable sustainability targets and business goals.

A data-driven sustainability platform that keeps track of connections between different datasets can also show you the correlated, sometimes overlooked side-effects of achieving those goals.

If you manage your business based on data-driven sustainability, you will avoid wasted manhours and resources and you will reach your sustainability goals in a proven way.

Be prepared

3. Be prepared

Simulations and trends in data are a great way to anticipate risks. Once you have a clear idea of where possible sustainability redlines for your organisation are, you can even set an alarm for them, quite literally. And a thoroughly anticipated risk? That’s just another word for opportunity.

Obtain informed buy-in

4. Obtain informed buy-in

Making the right sustainability decisions is only half the story. It is just as important to convince your colleagues and other stakeholders you made the right call. If your decisions are based on data-driven information that you can share, then that’s your best argument right there.

Plus, being transparent about the reasoning behind your choices creates trust and confidence. If they still don’t agree, they will have to back it up with their own solid data. Which might be very informative.

Feed on feedback

5. Feed on feedback

Good feedback is invaluable to stay on the right track and continuously improve the sustainability aspects of your business. But processing feedback in a meaningful way is not easy, otherwise everyone would do it. If you are already data-driven, then feedback is just another source of data to take into the fold.

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